Hello People of Turkey

Hello people of Turkey, hello supporters of Erdogan,

every country and all peoples have made mistakes and your country and its people are no exception. And what have we learnt from these mistakes? That Trump is a viable leader of the most powerful country in the world. That Putin enjoys support as the leader of the semi-rogue second place nation. That we are content with an autocratic oligarchy ruling one sixth of the world’s restless population.

What single event is at the centre of the highest number of movies? It isn’t the forging of the one ring.

We know a large portion of the population of Nazi Germany supported Hitler, that he was legally elected, that he rose to power on the wind of hateful and fear-inspiring rhetoric, that he used the burning of the Reichstag (by his own confederates) as the pretext for seizing autocratic control, that control of the media, use of propaganda and victimisation of minority groups cemented his dictatorship.

Now look at what is taking place in your contry. You’re in the streets now dancing on tanks. What do you see if you take a step back? There will come a day, several generations from now, because unfortunately it will take that long, when your grandchildren and your grandchildren’s grandchildren will read in history class about Turkey’s fall back into autocracy at the beginning of the third millennium and they will feel disappointment and shame at your actions and inactions much like this generation of Germans have suffered.

I’m not an optimist but in this I am certain. Dark times don’t last forever. Everything ends, the good and the bad. A brighter day will come.



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