Normalising Racism

All these public officials coming out of the woodwork with their ignorant racist remarks and swiftly finding that the only person allowed to be racist in America is Donald Trump. It’s a little funny.

There have always been racist and bigoted people, in the US, in the whole world. Many know that it’s wrong and work very hard to overcome it in themselves. Others, less hard. One of the problems with Trump’s presidential candidacy, with his remarks about and attitudes towards Mexicans, Muslims, latinos, black people, Native Americans is that many people now think that it’s okay to be racist and bigoted again, and openly.

A month ago, Maine Governor Paul LePage made international news for his racist and obscene remarks (1), prompting calls for his resignation which I hope have not yet quietened. More recently, Kathy Miller, Republican campaign chair of Mahoning, Ohio claimed that there was no racism until Obama got elected, among other ignorant and racist remarks (2); she promptly resigned when her comments were reported. Then yesterday, North Carolina congressman Robert Pittenger claimed in an interview that black people hate white people “because white people are successful and they’re not” (3), drawing swift criticism and condemnation. Pittenger apologised soon after but not without backpedalling and blaming others. Hopefully there will be consequences too for his ignorant bigotry.




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