Show Your Blue Colors Time Capsule Pt 1


With a potentially disastrous result for the Republicans in the presidential election this year, now is the time to push the advantage and, to paraphrase a popular campaign slogan, make Texas blue again!

It is a strong possibility.

In the 2012 presidential election, the Republican Party won Texas by 1,261,719 votes. In 2008, the difference between the two major parties was 950,695 votes. This is quite a substantial margin, corresponding to 15.79% and 11.77% respectively. However, these are only the percentages of the people who voted. If we look at the voter turnout, we find that in 2012, 10,285,886 people were eligible to vote in Texas and didn’t. Of those, 5,652,375 were registered to vote but didn’t. There were similar numbers in 2008. 9,657,647 people were eligible to vote and didn’t. Of those, 5,497,267 people were registered to vote but didn’t. If we look at the result in the 1992 presidential election when Bill Clinton defeated George Bush, the numbers are even closer. In that year, the Republican Party won Texas by just 214,256 votes (3.48%).

Demographics continue to change at a rapid pace. Younger generations are increasingly liberal. Minority groups want to be heard. Cruz supporters will be loath to cast their lot with Trump. The Bushes are also staying away from the toxic Republican candidate. Conservative voters will turn to independent candidates or stay away completely come election day. Imagine a more open, tolerant and compassionate America. Texas could lead that change. Texas could be that change.

This is my Texas. We are the Texas Blues. It’s time to show your blue colors.

Register to Vote – Help a Friend Register to Vote – Vote!



Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for the American presidency on June 16, 2015, two days after his 69th birthday. After an ugly and highly unusual primary contest, Mr. Trump officially accepted his nomination as the Republican candidate at the RNC on July 15, 2016. From tying in the polls with his rival Hilary Clinton at the end of July, continuing dissent within the Republican Party and building public criticism over his famously outrageous diatribes soon led to a dive in his polling numbers. A steady accumulation of Republican “defectors” throughout August eventually forces the Republican Party leadership to withdraw support from their own candidate on September 8. Matters further deteriorated as remaining Republicans scrabbled to distance themselves from “Toxic Trump” culminating in the public resignation of Trump’s high-profile campaign manager Paul Manafort on September 19. Finally – some would say inevitably – Mr. Trump quitted the presidential race on October 13, four weeks before the election, leaving the Republican Party scattered and in shambles, which, Mr. Trump claims was his “intention all along”. Eighteen months after his failed presidential bid, on May 15, 2018, Mr. Trump files for personal bankruptcy for the first time. Shortly thereafter, on September 7 of the same year, Mr. Trump is arrested for assaulting a female reporter. As of January 3, 2028, a third appeal trial remains pending.


“Ailes … worked as US president Richard Nixon’s media consultant, during which time he authored an intricate and influential plan to create a partisan media organization that could disseminate rightwing talking points for maximum effect.”

“Ailes told colleagues while Sherman was writing [The Loudest Voice in the Room, a biography of Ailes]: ‘I know where he lives, and I’m gonna send people to beat the shit out of him,’ according to Politico.”

“He’s very populist, he’s nationalist, he’s not for open borders. I reported in my book that one of his immigration plans was to dispatch Navy Seals to the Mexico border with orders to shoot to kill anyone crossing. That’s not a very nuanced immigration position. At least Donald Trump only wants to build a wall; Roger Ailes wants to kill people.”

“Fox was this amazing unifier of all the strands of conservatism together. Ailes used his ruthlessness to kind of keep everyone in line. Now that he’s out of the picture, one of my Fox sources joked that inside Fox News it’s kind of a Lord of the Flies situation where everyone’s trying to kill each other.”

Read the full article:

First Thiel, now the Trumps: How billionaires threaten free speech

I’m a doctor. The real issue isn’t Clinton’s health – it’s that she might win

Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief, Stephen Bannon, faced domestic violence charges in 1996 (NY Times)

Yes, of course we’re concerned about voter fraud with people registering to vote where they don’t live.:
Steve Bannon moves florida voter registration to home of Breitbart writer

If anyone can save us from a Trump Presidency, it’s women

Yes, a very comprehensive and trustworthy, not to mention professional, evaluation.:
Donald Trump doctor admits writing health note in five minutes

It’s a nice graphic but it’s not enough. Waiting for the Republican Party to show some integrity and renounce a presidential candidate they all know to be rotten. Stop looking at your own political future only, look at the future of your country and its people!:
At least 110 Republican leaders won’t vote for Donald Trump. here’s when they reached their braking point

I went to Mexico. I did. I went to Mexico. I was in Mexico. Good country. Great country. Great people. I met some people. They were great.:
Donald Trump to visit Mexico after more than a year of mocking it

Oh America, what are we doing? We should be teaching our children to think(!) not imprisoning their minds with propaganda. It drives terror into my heart to hear of “[o]ne country, under one constitution, saluting one American flag … always saluting.” And if you refuse to deify your country, and if you refuse to lay your hand on your heart, and if you refuse to pledge allegiance, what will they do to you? I can’t breathe…:
Trump pledges to promote American ‘patriotism’ in schools as president

I’m not racist, I’m just trying to stop black people from voting Democrat.:
Longtime Republican consultant: if black people voted Republican, voter ID laws wouldn’t happen

We can do it! Show your Blue Colors and go out to Vote on Election Day! Do your part by encouraging others to go out and vote as well.

We can make Texas Blue again!!

“‘…as well as Texas — the biggest surprise in the 50-state results. The Texas results, which are based on a sample of more than 5,000 people, show a dead heat, with Clinton ahead by one percentage point.”


Old news but the topic keeps coming up:
Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka holidaying in Croatia with Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend Wendi Deng, ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch, boss of Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News forced to resign amid allegations of decades-long sexual harassment, who is now not coaching Donald Trump for the upcoming presidential debates.


“[Mrs. Clinton’s] record on truthfulness, as compiled by PolitiFact, looks pretty good for a politician — much better than that of any of the contenders for the Republican nomination, and for that matter much better than that of Mitt Romney in the last presidential election.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is in a class of his own. He lies about statistics like the unemployment rate and the crime rate. He lies about foreign policy… But most of all, he lies about himself — and when the lies are exposed, he just keeps repeating them.

One obvious question going into Wednesday’s forum was whether Mr. Trump would repeat his frequent claim that he opposed the Iraq war from the start. This claim is demonstrably false: His only documented prewar remarks on the subject support the war, and the interview he likes to cite as evidence of his prescience took place more than a year after the war began. But he keeps saying it anyway; if he did it again, how would Matt Lauer, the moderator, respond?

Well, he did do it again — and Mr. Lauer… let it stand and moved on to the next question.

And meanwhile, if the question is whether Mr. Trump can really get away with his big liar routine, the evidence from Wednesday night suggests a disheartening answer: Unless something changes, yes he can.”
Donald Trump’s ‘big liar’ technique


Please please please un-numb yourselves! Care! It’s important! It really really is.:
Donald Trump gave an interview this morning that should be shocking – but we’re numb

Freedom of speech = freedom to lie, but the bluff needs to be called. How can people let Trump say these things without consequence? “Our vision of hope stands in stark contrast to my opponent’s campaign of hate. Hillary Clinton has been running a hate-filled and negative campaign, with no policy, no solutions and no ideas. By contrast, I’ve been going around the country offering very detailed plans for reform and change.”

No son, you have to hear everyone out. Everyone has something to contribute. Just because his opinion is different from yours doesn’t mean it’s not valid.

Utter rubbish amid more violence at Trump rally.:
Fresh violence at Trump rally as supporter allegedly punches protester

Trump isn’t transparent about anything. Why do we only hear about Clinton’s secrecy?
Comedy is great, comedy is important, but as an opinion piece said, no, Jimmy Fallon, Trump isn’t a laughing matter. But actually, this article is about Trump’s outright lies claiming Clinton started the ‘birther’ conspiracy and how Trump cleared Obama.:
Donald Trump silent as campaign acknowledges Obama born in the US
This is comedy:
Emotional Obama tearfully thanks Trump for granting him citizenship

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