Show Your Blue Colors Time Capsule Pt 3: The Final 21 Days

Three weeks left guys. 21 days and counting.

We started “Show Your Blue Colors” because H was disappointed that being from Texas her vote “didn’t count.” We can’t take much credit for it, but as it turns out, this may well be the election where Texan votes ABSOLUTELY count.

Latest polls for Texas of “likely voters” put Clinton and Trump neck and neck, with a lot of undecided voters. Clinton already leads among “registered voters.” All it’s going to come down to is TURNING UP!

All you have to do is turn up and vote! Bring a friend. Celebrate your vote. Finally, after four decades, your vote actually counts.:
Trump and Clinton tied in Texas

20 days, or 19, depending on how you count, and which time zone you’re in. These inane debates thankfully over. Running a country is a complex business, not something you can or even should boil down to sound bites. It’s also not a popularity contest.

And to anyone who counts Clinton among the losers (2 on stage, and 300mil in the audience), don’t worry. When I was growing up, I was taught to not argue with stupid people because you’ll both end up looking stupid. Like someone said, it’s like playing chess with a pigeon: no matter how well you play, it’s still gonna shit on the board and strut around like it won. I can’t imagine anything worse than being forced to talk reasonably to Trump.

Peace out. Vote. Help a friend to vote.

18. It is not bias to call some out for lying. It’s not unfair to call someone out for being racist and sexist. It’s not rigged to call someone out for being ignorant, for bullying, for inciting violence and hate. If you can’t see this and you can’t see that you can’t see this, that’s sad for you and those around you but it is still the responsibility of the rest of us to speak up about it.


17. Time to mess with Texas? Yes! Come on, Texas.:
‘It’s surreal’: is a Democratic uprising afoot deep in the heart of Texas?

This use of the threat of litigation as a weapon must be stopped. Tell Trump in November how much you do not support him sueing preemptively the woman he has abused over the years, ordering “special scrutiny” for owners of media critical of him and special prosecutor to make sure Clinton goes to jail (nb. not a special prosecutor to find if she did any wrong. Huge, crucial difference.)
Trump uses Gettysburg address to threaten to sue assault accusers

16. If you can vote already, early or absentee, get that envelope sent out! Things come up and you don’t want to sit this one out by accident!

It DOES matter if Clinton wins by a little or by a lot. We need to show the country and the world that it isn’t 40% that support Trump, that America isn’t a country of 120 mil racists and sexists. It’s just not true. We need everyone to vote. We need the people who don’t normally vote to vote. Please don’t stay silent. Americans have it hard enough overseas without having to apologize for Trump.

15. This used to be taught in the state of Australia, I think they’ve forgotten about it there too now, looking at the political climate over there. Remember: we vote not to get the best party in, but to keep the worst party out.
Looking for Alibrandi video: Keep the worst party out

Friends , Texans, Countrymen, lend me your ears (and hearts)! If the big orange graphic isn’t clear enough, here it is again, early voting starts TOMORROW in TEXAS! Go vote! Take a friend, take your whole family, office team, yoga class, beer appreciation society, neighborhood dogwalking group, book club, dance studio, rock band, whatever! Vote proudly, vote loudly, vote like you mean it!

We got this. Show your blue colors!

14. Long opinion piece from a friend of mine, if you have a half hour to spare (who does(n’t)?). -Punctuation salad-:
Opportunity missed for America (a.k.a. Letter to my girlfriend’s dad)

John Oliver slammed Donald Trump again on ‘Last Week Tonight’ with an Emmy bet

13. Don’t think the election is won and we don’t need you to vote! Remember Brexit! Remember the Colombian Referendum! The majority in both countries did not want those results, and the majority assumed the issue was safe, that common sense would prevail! Besides, the goal is no longer to win, the goal is a big win to show ourselves that we are not a hateful people.

Vote! Vote early! And help a friend to vote!

Every major Florida newspaper just demanded a criminal investigation of Trump

This is the kind of person Trump would surround himself with. I do totally judge people by their friends.:
America’s most racist Asshole Sheriff just got what he deserves

12. Media furore quietened down somewhat now that Trump is down in the polls. This fake calm is disturbing if not outright dangerous. He came through like a coke-rattled rhino but it wasn’t the political class he destroyed, it was America the country and all the progress we have fought and suffered for. The more we do now to reclaim this election, the easier it will be to rebuild what he has destroyed. We need to show ourselves and the world who we are and who we are not. Don’t let the country down with 40% of the popular vote still hanging on this embarrassment.:
Why Texas is closer to turning blue than it has been in decades

11. More republican racism. It’s racism all the way down. Making Trump doesn’t get in is important but don’t forget the Governors, Senators and Congresspeople. There are so many disgusting people in the GOP. Just as important as keeping from becoming President is getting these Republicans out of office. They’re killing the country and the ironic thing is that their support base are the ones suffering the worst.:
Republican Mark Kirk singles out Asian heritage of Iraq veteran rival Tammy Duckworth

‘He’s a deadbeat’: even Donald Trump’s own lawyers are suing him

10. Polls in Texas still hovering about 3% in favor of Trump. People are more likely to vote when they think their vote counts! Scattered reports of alleged voter fraud by Republican-leaning voters and officials won’t make any difference if we all just vote! Democrats are in the strong majority even in Texas, we just need to vote!

9. Reasons to not vote Part 1: There is no sexism in America. Women are treated as equals in the workplace and society in general. Women are given sufficient maternity leave and both parents are supported in the raising of children. Unpaid work done by women (predominantly) is recognized and appreciated. Women receive equal pay for equal work. Women are not subject to sexual harassment, sexual assault on a daily basis. A woman can be President.


8. Reasons not to vote Part II: There is no racism in America. Minorities are not oppressed or discriminated against. The Republican Party is not trying to keep minorities from exercising their right to vote. Police are not shooting and killing innocent black people (black people have always been innocent before the law until proven guilty). Privileged white people, poor black people, armed white militia and peaceful indigenous protesters are treated equally in the eyes of the American criminal justice system.

The R.N.C.’s ‘Don’t get out the vote’ drives

Group accuses Mike Pence of voter suppression after state police raid registration program in Indiana

North Carolina’s deliberate¬†discrimination against black voters

5 terrible acts of voter discrimination the Voting Rights Act prevented – but won’t anymore

Critics see efforts by counties and towns to purge minority voters from rolls

Longtime Republican consultant: if black people voted Republican, voter ID laws wouldn’t happen

7. Reasons not to vote Part III: There is no poverty in America. There are no homeless people. Everyone has enough to eat and clothes to stay warm and a roof over their heads. If you’re sick or injured or disabled, you will be looked after. Medicine and medical care is affordable. If you lose your job, you will be supported in your search for a new position. Every person is treated with dignity.

6. Reasons not to vote Part IV: Elected officials in America always act in the best interests of the people. They work for the people and are accountable for their decisions. Congresspeople and Senators always look after the interests of their electorate and area accountable for their decisions. American police serve the people and are are always held accountable for their actions. The military protects the people and are 100% accountable for their actions. Judges are fair and unbiased and remain accountable for their decisions.

5. We have invested so many hours and so much emotional energy in this election because we believe it to be an important moment in American and international politics that has already and will continue to affect people for generations to come. We are all tired. Even the most enthusiastic among us groan innerly when faced with another article, another meme, another opinion piece. In five days I will lay down my pen and close this book, take some time to rebuilt my mental health, before resuming the fight or some other fight. I will do so knowing that, whoever becomes the next President, I have done all I can and given all I could, with one exception, but it was something that would have caused more, and more immediate, hurt, and even in the circumstances, serious as they are, it was not an action that I felt could be taken, and it was not my right to take it. This does not mean that if Trump becomes President, I will be able to any better live with the outcome or the consequences. Having done everything I could will not change that. This is my confession.

Just give me Texas!

I feel her pain. What it must take to keep going when about you is ignorance trying to tear you down. Hold on, Hillary!
Hillary’s humiliating low road to White House

I refuse to accept that it is okay for friends, neighbors, family to support a presidential candidate who encourages the denigration of women, the discrimination against blacks and latinos, the persecution of people based on religion, the elimination of political opponents, and the exacerbation of inequality and poverty. If more people spoke up about these issues instead of saying, Well let’s just agree to disagree, maybe things will one day change for the better.:
These Dallas neighbors show you can support Trump or Clinton

Trump and RNC can’t do anything but lie because they’ve convinced lying is a core value.:
Trump campaign and Republicans paid $1.8m to companies mired in voter fraud claims

The Trump campaign’s reaction to an unarmed protester wasn’t just wrong. it was scary.

Hello America: To paraphrase a trainwreck of a presidential campaign, this really is our chance to make America great again. Listen.

The right-wing UKIP party succeeded in its anti-immigration, anti-foreigner campaign to force the UK to withdraw from the EU. In Russia, Putin has just about finished his political manoeuvering to rule uncontested for the foreseeable future. China is still the largest dictatorship in the world. The President of the Philippines is on his way to front row seats at the ICC. Hungary and Poland are both often already referred to as proto-dictatorships. Erdogan is removing every and any opposition in Turkey. Election year in France and Germany in 2017, xenophobic parties in both countries are expected to win large shares of the vote.

In this international climate of hate and fear, IF we can just keep Trump away from the presidency, as little as that is (and yes it has come to this sad, tragic minimum), it would be bucking the trend, it would be a victory for democracy. Then America can start showing the world that an open, progressive, intelligent society will always prevail in the long run.

This is what my girlfriend H. means by hope, and I’m with her.

An intelligent, well written article by a Republican.:

Is there life after Trump?

The majority of Americans support openness, fairness, kindness and progress. Texas is no exception. Sometimes it doesn’t reflect in the election polls but the people on the ground, face-to-face with their friends, family and neighbors know this to be true. A Blue Texas? Why not. Go out and vote. Take all your friends with you. Drive safe, stay safe, and good luck everybody!

Who is to blame for this awful US election?

Textbook narcissist, textbook sociopath. Read all about it.:
Inside Donald Trump’s last stand: an anxious nominee seeks assurance



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