Show Your Blue Colors Time Capsule Pt 2


Trump belittles Harry Reid’s injury, gets deserved response

Let’s end this already. Stop supporting this toxic person.

Imagine, for a second, if a foreign politician said and did the things Trump has said and done, we’d be laughing our heads off at that country, when we’re not condemning it. That’s exactly what people in other countries are doing, laughing at America and with good reason, those that are still capable of laughing through the horror and tears wept for the meanness of Trump and his supporters.:
Trump security should be disarmed, says Trump

“It’s frightening. Our politics, because of him, is descending to the level of a third-world country. There’s just nothing beneath him. And I don’t know why we would think he would change if he became president. That’s what’s really scary.”
Donald Trump’s anything-goes campaign set’s an alarming political precedent


 The September 15 Texas Lyceum Poll of “likely voters” has Trump leading Clinton 42% to 36%. However, in the same poll, when looking at ALL registered voters, Clinton leads Trump 39% to 35%!

This means: YOUR VOTE COUNTS!Register to Vote – Help a Friend Register to Vote – Vote!

Count me in!
Hating Trump is not enough – we need to talk about why Hillary Clinton rules

All these public officials coming out of the woodwork with their ignorant racist remarks and swiftly finding that the only person allowed to be racist in America is Donald Trump. It’s a little funny.

There have always been racist and bigoted people, in the US, in the whole world. Many know that it’s wrong and work very hard to overcome it in themselves. Others, less hard. One of the problems with Trump’s presidential candidacy, with his remarks about and attitudes towards Mexicans, Muslims, latinos, black people, Native Americans is that many people now think that it’s okay to be racist and bigoted again, and openly.

A month ago, Maine Governor Paul LePage made international news for his racist and obscene remarks (1), prompting calls for his resignation which I hope have not yet quietened. More recently, Kathy Miller, Republican campaign chair of Mahoning, Ohio claimed that there was no racism until Obama got elected, among other ignorant and racist remarks (2); she promptly resigned when her comments were reported. Then yesterday, North Carolina congressman Robert Pittenger claimed in an interview that black people hate white people “because white people are successful and they’re not” (3), drawing swift criticism and condemnation. Pittenger apologised soon after but not without backpedallinging and blaming others. Hopefully there will be consequences too for his ignorant bigotry.


“After many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience”, Ted Cruz realised suddenly he didn’t have one.:
All the things Ted Cruz has said about Trump

That’s just in ONE week. Unfortunately his supporters continue to dismiss these FACTS, most of which we have on tape/video, as just liberal media trying to pull him down. Yes, liberal media is trying to pull him down because Trump needs to be pulled down. This was unacceptable at the start and is unacceptable now, 12 months later and will be unacceptable four years from now.:
A week of whoppers from Trump

Speak up!
Senator Elizabeth Warren video

There’s a catch, Catch 22: The country is not broken, unless we elect Trump. But we’re electing Trump, which means the country is broken.:
Trump? How could we?

The question becomes impossible to avoid.:
Trump may not have paid Federal taxes for 18 years

This disgusting man as President. And he threatens to bring up Bill Clinton’s affair to shame Hillary.

Are you scared yet?
Donald Trump reportedly pressured his second wife to appear in Playboy

Is it too much to hope that Trump takes both Christie and Giuliani down with him?

“The genius of Donald Trump is to make sure he follows the law … and politically he has said he is going to change these laws,” Christie said.

Yes, he has said he will lower taxes for the wealthy.
Chris Christie: Bombshell Trump tax piece is actually good for his campaign

It’s still not too late to swing Texas, please!!!
Texas newspaper destroys the myth that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils

What to get a billionaire narcissist who has it all: a $20,000 portrait of himself paid out of charitable donations. And maybe paying off an attorney general looking to investigate his ‘university’?
New York orders Trump Foundation to stop taking donations in state

So beautiful!
PantSuitPower flashmob

Oh how can he not get the irony?

Harder, Melania Trump’s lawyer, says: “I’m an advocate of responsible free press, but when people choose to tell lies about others, they’re exposing themselves. Sometimes when people lie and lie, they become emboldened that they can get away with anything, and then they tell bigger and bigger lies …”

No, I’m sure he sleeps well at night.:
Hollywood lawyer who fought Gawker goes to bat for Melania Trump

The media has had their fun, played for effect, sold their papers. Time now to get serious.

The list is long of newspapers and magazines endorsing Clinton, including:
-Dallas Morning News
-Dallas Voice
-Corpus Christi Caller Times
-El Paso Times

Also big names:
-New York Times
-Los Angeles Times
-Rolling Stone

Guarantee more to come in the coming days.:
Against Donald Trump

This disgusting man.:
Trump says he insulted women for ‘entertainment’

Review of new biography of Hitler. Have a look at the bullet point summary from half way down. (Of course it’s a bit of a historiographical nightmare.)
In ‘Hitler,’ an ascent from ‘dunderhead’ to demagogue

Donald Trump the clear winner in New Hampshire debate featuring only himself (Guardian)

In light of recent trump recording, perfect time to remind GOP of who you are supporting. I really hope it bites you in your collective butt.:
Ayotte walks back Trump role model comments

Hey, not bad.:
Robert De Niro video

Dan Rather’s post

Names to watch in the coming days:
-Paul Ryan
-Mitch McConnell
-Ted Cruz
-Marco Rubio
-John McCain
-Chris Christie
-Rudy Giuliani

That was quick. One down: McCain.:
John McCain withdraws support for Donald Trump over sex boast tape

Coward Rubio, hope he goes down in flames:
Patrick Murphy calls on ‘coward’ Rubio to withdraw Trump endorsement

“Because you’d be in jail.” This was the most terrifying moment for me. I’m glad someone at the Times picked up on it. I hope others did too.

Talking like the dictator that he wants to be, Trump has no understanding or respect for the rule of law. He believes he is above the law. He promises to make sure his political opponent goes to jail if he wins. If I were in charge of the law, he says, you’d be in jail. And then the people applauded. So grab the torches, assemble the mob, it’s the end of the 1800s again, when people were lynched and America was great.:
What we’re watching for in the second debate

Another for the black list. Who is electing these people?
GOP senator says grabbing a woman’s genital not sexual assault

Down, down, down! Here’s to Trump dragging the whole disgusting mess down with him.

Even Trump’s campaign manager admits she “knew of GOP lawmakers who forced themselves on young women and were hypocrites for shunning Trump.” Well, what else are they supposed to say, Kerryanne, they find Trump’s behaviour towards women noble? And what kind of response is that anyway, when your boss comments about grabbing women by their genitals, to say his friends do it too?

But this is my favourite line: “To one half of his own party, Ryan will forever be the man who betrayed Trump. To the other half, he will forever be the man who stood aside while Trump wrecked the place.”

Paul Ryan can’t escape from Trump’s shipwreck of the Republican Party

“He is the logical extension of misogyny, racism, privilege and anti-intellectualism.”
Donald Trump, the worst of America

On the lighter, but still pretty horrible, side:
“Fellow patriot REUBEN. As one of Trump’s very best supporters, you are our country’s only hope. Every single Republican is counting on you. I want to make you proud, Reuben.”
My secret life as a Texan Trump supporter

See here for Show Your Blue Colors Time Capsule Part 3: The Final 21 Days.


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