Inauguration Day

To those who say: I have to accept this president because this is how democracy works, I say: No, this is not how democracy works, this is how democracy fails. A democracy is not the unfettered caprice of the majority. It is not the profit motive. It is not an elite school playground or a Fortune 500 boardroom. When the government fails to protect minorities, when the state apparatus is turned into a megaphone for propaganda, when the commander-in-chief attacks, intimidates and tries to bully into silence political opponents, critics and the free press, when those in power pursue agendas for personal gain, then it is no longer a true democracy, it becomes a democracy in name only, and should and must be opposed.

Our work as citizens does not end at the ballot box. We do not elect presidents to four year dictatorships, and nor should we. At whatever point the leadership stops looking after the interests of the people, at whatever point we realise this, whether before or after or on Inauguration Day, or any other day, no matter if you were a lifelong Republican, no matter if you voted for the guy, no matter how many times you defended him to your family and friends, no matter how stupid you will look, from that moment onwards, from that realisation onwards, we have a duty to speak up, to stand up, and to fight for democracy.



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