Original Sin

You want to know what’s wrong with the world? You want to know why society’s broken, why people fight? You want to know why everything’s so fundamentally fucked up? Just look at Original Sin. It doesn’t get more fundamental than that. It’s only the core belief of the majority of the earth’s population, of over 3.8 billion people. They proclaim that this is where it all began, and they’re right. It is literally the root of all evil. They just misled everyone about what that evil was.

We were punished for seeking knowledge. We were punished for our disobedience to authority. The woman was blamed for everything. And ultimately, as retribution, we were not only banished from Paradise but cursed with sorrow and suffering.

It’s all there, everything that’s wrong with the world. This is the story we sell, and you wonder that the world’s fucked up.




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