Battered Republican Syndrome

The greatest trick of the modern Republican Party is creating the broken America of the underprivileged and convincing those underprivileged that the Republican Party are the only ones who can fix it. It’s true; they can stop breaking it. It’s an old trick known (read: unknown) to most Republicans in another form. It’s no surprise that most Republicans are devout Christians because it’s just like with Christianity, where you are burdened with guilt that can only be overcome through the church, when the church was the one who created the guilt in the first place. Never realising this, working-class Republicans continue to praise and defend their party while suffering in the poverty, ignorance, fear and anger created by the policies they themselves vote for. Like a kicked dog returning to its master. Like a hostage falling in love with her kidnapper. Like a battered wife begging her husband for another chance.



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