The Great Housing Reset of 2017

Why should people who are too poor to own the roof over their head pay money every month to people who are rich enough to own more roofs than they have heads? I have an idea: How about rich people pay for the privilege of housing poor people?

Housing is a basic human right; it’s not an investment opportunity. I don’t care if it’s the smart thing to do; fuck you and your negative gearing. There are people who need it more than you. A person’s right to housing is more important than your right to make money. And we shall defend this through higher taxes on investment properties, through stricter regulation of rental markets, by disqualifying corporations from owning residential properties, and by providing everyone with real opportunities to own their own homes.

Most people live somewhere. They have a roof over their heads, they have a room they call their own. They just don’t own it. The homeless are not homeless because there isn’t enough housing. This isn’t musical chairs.

Welcome to 21st century feudalism. It’s the same playbook as 1000 years ago. Keep the people working to pay their debts. Keep the people working to pay their rent. Keep them working, keep them down. Because as long as the poor are kept scrabbling just to survive, they won’t have time to fight for a fairer system.

So tonight, we’re going to change all that. There’s going to be no more rent and there’s going to be no more mortgages. It will be known as the Great Housing Reset of 2017. And it’s the simplest thing. All you have to do is go home. Go home to that house, to that room; just go home. Because tonight, wherever you lay your head, that house, that brownstone, that flat: tomorrow, it belongs to you.



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