Be Less Human: One Year Anniversary

I started this blog-project Be Less Human [stumbling towards posthumanity] in May of last year with these words:

Whenever someone does something horrible, something reprehensible, something ‘evil’, we gape and wonder how humans can do such things. But what if this is just how humans are and what we need to do is to be less human?

It’s been twelve months now–I can hardly believe it–and in that time I’ve written about various and varied topics but what I haven’t done is defined what it means to be posthuman, or, more specifically, what I mean when I say posthuman. That’s still coming. It’s not that simple. I’ve been making notes but first I wanted to follow my interests and see if maybe a picture didn’t emerge by itself. I can offer you this though: You know when people shrug and say, ‘After all, we’re only human’? That’s what this blog is about. That’s the pivot, the fulcrum, and the bullseye.

Instead, inevitably, I’ve written a lot about Trump, starting with a very long open letter to my girlfriend’s dad, followed by many months of FB slacktivism. But it hasn’t all been American politics.

I’ve also written, among other things, about poverty, that [t]he problem is that most poor people don’t want to eliminate poverty, they just want to be the ones that are rich, about the dilemma of nootropics, about the shakedown that is Original Sin, about our Running Man voyeurism, and about The Great Housing Reset, where one night a year, wherever you lay your head, that house, that brownstone, that flat: tomorrow, it belongs to you. I’ve also published a list of the entire contents of my room, as well as two poems which I’m not going to link to here, ‘cos they shit.

Part of the project was also to share interesting, thought-provoking and well-written articles, of which there were many, including The Guardian’s If you were an elephant…, boredpanda’s sharing of Beth Moon’s photography of really old trees, BBC’s Dissolving the Dead (fascinating read!), as well as articles on the future of sex tech and more politics (here, just one more).

Plus, there were quotes from James Baldwin, George Orwell, and Kurt Vonnegut, among others, links to some cool videos, including Do you have a pointless job? and Keiichi Matsuda’s Hyper-Reality, and some funny pics too, including this one:

think too much

But there was one article I really wanted to write, actually in January, that I never got to. It was to be called The Game and it was very important to me which is likely why it kept getting pushed back. But I am working on it now, though not today because I spent it writing this instead (another delay!), so it should be ready soon-ish. Until then, there is this: Change Everything (or, Warming Up for ‘The Game’). That’s right, time to warm up!

Thank you and good night.




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